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In conjunction with the local Coast and Country Nordic walking group I have started walking rehab sessions where people use adapted Nordic walking poles called Activator poles. These poles have “coregrip” handles which improve safety and encourage activity of the core muscles. Because two poles are used this encourages a functional gait pattern, and helps to gain an upright and symmetrical  posture. Regular activity with the poles can aid strengthening of muscles, and improve joint flexibility and balance. The sessions include simple exercises as well as a gentle walk outside, enjoying the local coastline and the countryside. Walking in a group is a lovely social activity.

 ” I have been Nordic Walking for several sessions. It is certainly helping to maintain my mobility and fitness. Getting out and walking in pleasant surroundings has the added advantage of making me feel good, especially if otherwise things have been difficult. I look forward to it each week” (Regular member)

Who is it for?    

It is recommended for people with a variety of physical conditions who find walking is limited.  I have started a group for people with a Neurological condition such as Parkinson’s or stroke, and have spaces for more people to join these sessions. I would also like to hear from people with musculoskeletal conditions, i.e. arthritis, or recent spinal surgery, or hip or knee joint replacement to see if there is interest in starting a group for them. It is a great way to continue your rehab and achieve a higher level of fitness.

To participate you need to be able to walk for about 30 minutes, with or without an aid, and with a few stops if necessary. Everyone has an individual assessment, and the sessions are aimed at helping you to achieve your mobility goals.

Where and when does it happen?

There are taster sessions on Wednesday’s mornings at 10am and these are free. The Walks are on Wednesday’s at 11am, and we meet for both at The Sea Lane Cafe, Goring. All sessions need to be booked through the Coast and Country Nordic walking UK web site,

Please contact me if you want more information Diana Drawbridge MCSP, qualified Physiotherapist and Activator Rehab therapist.Tel: 07765 211878

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