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All participants MUST register and completed health screening which includes COVID 19 questions and is updated EVERY TIME they book a session

As we have the details we can work with NHS track and Trace to immediately identify who has walked with anyone who may subsequently show symptoms.

On walks, we remain 2 metres apart and ensure that leaders are aware of ‘droplet spread’ when positioning people.

We are insured for a group size of up to 30 but conduct rigorous risk assessment to ascertain a safe group size, which we manage with additional leaders where necessary.

As a COVID secure business, delivering EXERCISE the Govt guidelines state that it is acceptable to exceed the RULE OF SIX see point 2.10 in the Guidance FAQs WHAT YOU CAN and CAN’T DO

All leaders carry spare masks and hand sanitisers. Participants can use facemasks in meeting areas or places distancing is difficult, however, we do not advise masks to be worn during exercise in accordance with WHO guidelines.

All participants are advised to carry hand sanitiser and use it after touching any gates or railings etc.en route although leaders generally manage these.

All routes are risk assessed to avoid busy areas, contact with other members of the public/exercisers and ‘pinch points where distancing is not possible. As mentioned above all routes and locations are risk assessed in accordance with safe group size.

Most regular users use their own poles or equipment and where equipment is used for TUITION purposes, it is thoroughly cleaned and if necessary put into quarantine for 72 hours.


If you have any concerns please call me on 07702067812


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