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Contrary to some assumptions, It’s certainly not something to be concerned about because a good Franchise agreement protects both parties and also a brand and it’s unique content. This helps both parties provide a quality product in a unified and professional manner.

Most people have a bank of skills that have drawn them to a particular franchise but very few people have the natural ability or expertise to be efficient at all aspects of running a successful business. That is where the franchisor’s systems and experience comes to the fore.

Franchisors offer a structure for launching, operating and growing a business from start to finish. Indeed, they are able to deliver the entire framework around which the business is built and enable the franchisees to share in the proven success. More to the point, they also have mad many of the mistakes that launching a new concept inevitably brings thus helping the Franchisee to do so without taking these backward steps. Franchisors’ usually create comprehensive operations manuals and training programs for their franchisees and ours at WALX covers everything from marketing, Management systems, operations, accounting and of course our unique programmes. These efficiencies are designed to enable franchisees to earn more, in a faster time frame and also spend less time and effort than would be typically required to launch and operate a similar business on their own.


The franchise model also offers the franchisee the ability to grow under a strong franchisee operates independently they can benefit from a raft of resources at lower rates than they would be able to access as a sole trader. Other elements created by the Franchisor (usually over a far bit of time) are in our case:-

  • Group advertising resources
  • Being able to make your own day-to-day decisions yourself but be guided by the experience of a successful team.
  • The ability to deliver quality programmes that would never be achievable in a large chain of health clubs due to the lower motivation of employees and also higher operational costs.
  • The benefit of National PR and proven quality marks or reputation, trademarks, proprietary information, patents etc.
  • Training and support from successful business operators
  • A lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments than if you were to start your own business from scratch
  • Being a part of a uniform operation, which means all franchises will share the same look and feel, licensed programmes and  customer brand awareness.
  • Operational support from WALX, both before and after launching your business venture from a full business plan, to gaining  finance, accounting, employee training and operational procedures
  • An opportunity to enhance your management abilities within an established business model without waiting for the elusive promotion!

Remember many of the brands you visit daily because of their consistent quality and standards are in fact FRANCHISES.

They work because the owners have passion and drive and they are supported by EXPERTS.

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