New Franchises launch with a WOW!

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Two new WALX Franchisees have launched this Autumn and are clearly taking their first steps to success!

You may be forgiven for assuming it is not ideal to launch a business in the midst of a Pandemic but Marisa from Salisbury was left with few other options after the Global situation lead to redundancy. Having met the WALX team last year at Countryfile Live she decided to take the plunge and invest in her own future – virus or no virus!

Following an accelerated training plan with many coaching sessions delivered virtually due to the restrictions, she has managed to launch her programme 15 weeks after embarking on  the business planning stage with her WALX business coach.

With a concentrated effort to ensure a good programme of WALX and a comprehensive launch marketing plan, Marisa filled her first few Power of the Poles induction courses see picture below and has enjoyed a great response from the public for all of her WALX types including Nature WALX in the surrounding countryside, relaxing Wellness WALX and no nonsense total body WALX in her local parks.


Drawing on our experience launching health clubs and delivering inspirational physical activity promotion projects over the years, the WALX team are able to help Franchisees establish themselves really quickly by providing proven outdoor exercise programmes that people really want. Combine this with carefully targeted marketing campaigns which in Marisa’s case provided……….

in excess of 100 leads within the first week of delivery

You can see from the WALX salisbury Facebook page just how much fun everybody is having! You can view the WALX Salisbury page here to see what sessions are on offer

Amanda, who launched in Leicester East at a similar time had delayed her original spring launch due to COVID 19 but despite being in a high risk area has managed to create mixed schedule of WALX for all levels and has already seen a lot of demand for her Power of Poles courses too. This new way of Nordic Walking is the perfect fit for WALX as it provides participants with a positive full body walking experience in one fun session. It also compliments the other types of WALX with people wanting to experience walking with and without poles and our unique blend of outdoor exercise drills.

Amanda’s WALX Master jenny (pictured left)  is Exercise referral trained which means they can also accommodate those with medical contraindications or low fitness levels. At WALX we work with each Franchisee to prepare a launch campaign that reflects their key skills and the local demographic.  The team helps each franchisee to literally hit the ground walking with innovative multi media campaigns that generate clients from day one. With quality branded materials, proven programmes and a door drop campaign that lands on the right doorsteps the focus is on spreading the word and building regular income without wasting any marketing spend.

Does it work?

Amanda has also accumulated over 100 quality leads in a two week campaign and already those who have joined WALX are referring their friends to this effective, affordable way to exercise outdoors.

Amanda says

I am amazed at the response to the launch campaign. It has generated lots of good quality customer leads in just a few days. Many have already registered and booked their first sessions. I really didn’t think I would have so many potential customers in such a short space of time. The database helps with the communication and correspondence. It would be so easy to get lost without it when speaking to so many people in a short space of time. It’s brilliant!

The fact that every one of the people who has joined us for an activity so far has re-booked or purchased goods from me has really boosted my morale and confidence. Going from having no customers, to having loyal customers in a few weeks has made an amazing difference! The system really works!


You can also visit the WALX Leicester East Facebook page to see the buzz WALX is creating. You can view the  WALX Leicester East page here here to see what sessions are on offer.

Now the focus will be on building a solid customer base over the Autumn and Winter months which is never an issue for us at WALX because our COVID secure groups provide the solution to those seeking safe but sociable and highly effective outdoor exercise (whatever the weather!)

The monthly payment packages make regular exercise affordable and our retention is really high because what we provide is also very client focused with results and progression every STEP of the way – forgive the pun!

Watch this space for more from our Salisbury and Leicester East girls and the next phase of WALX launches which are coming soon!

If you want to work for yourself, enjoy delivering outdoor exercise that people want and ENJOY – we are seeking dedicated people with personality and drive to help us provide WALX that are suitable for all levels in all locations across the UK and beyond.