Spotlight on a Franchisee – Amanda

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Meet Amanda who is about to launch her WALX group in Leicestershire

We like to delve into their personalities and ask that all important question  ….why WALX?

Q.What was your career path prior to taking a WALX Franchise?

I studied Animal Physiology at University and enjoyed the challenge of developing and applying technologies aimed at improving animal health and welfare. For several years I worked in wildlife conservation which sounds glamorous…. but was mostly spent in a laboratory doing pregnancy tests on poo samples posted in from all over the world (it was a bit smelly)! Sticking with the theme of conservation I transferred my skills to protecting valuable resources used in researching human genetic diseases.

Q.What prompted you to make a change?

Over the years as a scientist I spent less time out and about and more time behind a computer. I could feel the impact this had on my own health and wellbeing, and at the same time I began to feel that my day-to-day activities no longer felt so worthwhile. I had trained many other people to use the technologies I had helped to develop to “make a difference” in a positive way, but the work I did myself was no longer so meaningful. WALX has given me the perfect opportunity to switch back to doing something gratifying – by helping clients to achieve their fitness and health goals.

Q.How different is it on a scale of 1 – 10 ( I being no different at all!)

8 (I still sit behind a computer, but nothing like as much as I used to!)

Q.Name your Favourite WALK

The Leicestershire Round footpath passes just by our house. You can go for miles in either direction, taking in the beautiful views.

Q. What do you prefer, Tea or Gin?

Gin (but I drink far more tea than gin!)

Q.How have you found your journey with WALX so far?

Great! Everyone at HQ has been very helpful. I have enjoyed the learning process which has been made so easy with the online resources available.

Q.Who (celebrity or not) would you most like to join one of your WALX?

I think Tony Robinson would be great to chat to on a WALX. I am sure he has many fascinating tales to tell!

Cheers Amanda – enjoy your WALX journey and rest assured…we will be with you every step of the way!


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