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You may be completely new to this phenomenon of Nordic Walking, or just after some new equipment to keep you looking top dog with your friends, but with so many options to choose from, what are the 3 main influences when buying your kit?


It’s true! We all know that secretly (men as well) will co-ordinate their equipment to match their outfit or vice versa.  There are some fantastic looking products on the market and we always make sure we ask our instructors and customers which ones they want to walk with before we make them available to buy. The new Gabel X2 is an amazing looking pole in a gloss finish and is already making the Nordic Walking UK office think about their wardrobe and how they are going to incorporate their latest accessory. The Leki Speed Pacer Vario in Black and White for 2012 is another pole that has really captured the eye of many instructors and customers alike.



Most people want a pole that performs, without having to think about it.  The Leki ‘Shark’ strap attachment system is one feature (available on the Prestige and higher models) that is certainly a must for most people and definitely something our Instructors prefer to teach with, as it is a simple ‘easy click’ system, with no bulky clip on the strap.An adjustable pole with a join at the top is also preferable, as it minimises bend and vibration through the pole, while maintaining the ability to customise the height to your needs.  The Gabel Inverso Alu and Carbon and Leki Flash Vario and Speed Pacer Vario boast this feature.

Also, our new Footwear partner, Spring Boost has specifically manufactured a model for Nordic Walking.  The ‘Stride’ not only has their patented dorsi flexion technology, but a fully waterproof membrane that will keep you walking and working out in all conditions.




We always try our hardest to provide equipment for everyone’s budget and where possible, have some fantastic deals on poles and accessories.  The Gabel Light FLS is a fantastic value option as a lightweight aluminium pole at £24.95 and the Gabel Stretch and Leki Spin are great value adjustable poles.  As a rule, increasing the carbon content in the pole (for stiffness and lightness) increases the cost of the poles, but 2 great options include the Leki Instructor, with a 100% carbon lower section and the Gabel Inverso Carbon (100% carbon pole) offer a performance pole at an affordable price.

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