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nwuk branded gabel polesEvery new Instructor dreams of a full pack of 12 luxury poles but in these hard times, we at NWUK know that’s not always achievable so we have designed the ultimate bargain pole pack that will help you to get started AND to effectively sell poles to your clients once you start teaching.

Fixed length poles may be slightly less adaptable than adjustable ones but they do present much better value and for those first few teaching sessions, they can be a really useful tool. Gill Stewart Programme Director at NWUK explains ” When you first introduce clients to Nordic walking technique, there is so much to take in and it’s entirely suitable to give them a pole that’s within a 5 cm size range rather than confuse them with precise adjustments etc. This also makes sessions more fun, because you are getting them on to the poles quickly without too much faff! In a teaching pack, it’s great to have the most common sizes as fixed length poles so you can simply hand them out and get going. I always introduce clients to more accurate and specific pole sizing after a few sessions (using my adjustable poles) and use this as a way to begin discussing which poles they may wish to purchase themselves longer term. By having both types of poles in the pack, I also find it helps me to explain pole types clearly and allows them to touch and feel before making their own choices. I like to make sure that have a mix of pole types and some that are carbon because it helps to answer all their questions and have a comprehensive conversation”

If you feel that you would like more information about giving advice on pole types, our retail experts can help you with information and can set up ‘shop and drop’ packs to save you and your clients money on regular pole purchases – call them any time on 0333 1234 540. They are happy to talk through which poles are best for you and can offer great prices on packs of poles starting at only 4 sets in order to help you grow your business organically.

Another benefit of the fixed length poles we have chosen for our bargain pole pack is that they are BRANDED and will leave your clients in no doubt that you are an NWUK Instructor. So, what have we included in the bargain pack and why?

  • 6 sets of Gabel x6 NWUK branded lightweight fixed length poles – these 100% CARBON poles are superior quality and the RRP is £89.95 we have included the following sizes to help you to teach small groups by mixing with your adjustable poles (see below)

1 x 105cm Gabel X6

2 x110cm Gabel X6

2 x 115cm Gabel X6

1 x120cm Gabel X6

  • 4 stretch lite4 sets of fully adjustable Gabel stretch Lite – these are our most popular poles which retail at £49.95  a pair – they are aluminium poles and will help you and your clients to experience the difference in performance between carbon and alu.

The Instructor bargain pole pack comes complete with a team bag so you can carry them all and look the part!gabel team bag

The BARGAIN POLE PACK comes in at ONLY £425 for 10 sets of poles – a mix of carbon, non carbon, adjustable and fixed.

If you would like to order or reserve a bargain pole pack or any other combinations – call the retail guys today on 0333 1234 540 or e mail – this is a limited offer to help you to get up and ‘walking’ as soon as possible.


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