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As ever, we have a full range of cpd modules available for Instructors who want to make a real impact in their sessions (see below) but there is one that you would be simply MAD to miss! Our ultimate Nordic Ski Fit is getting rave reviews and there is still time for you to offer this fantastic formula to your clients.

Instructor Aly Taylor from Northants launched her first course six weeks ago and the feedback has been impressive with clients even thanking us on Facebook!

Aly says “Just got back from 1st week on slopes, leg strength, stamina & balance greatly improved. 2 more from class go next week so be interesting to see how they get on – will carry on in New Year for more skiing in Jan & Feb. Great fun to teach & participate, well worth the effort” and heres what one of her group said………………..

” Wow fit or what.  Might even do it all again next year!  Loved every minute (but afterwards). Thanks a million Ali”

To find out more about the courses call Lisa on 01234 711099

DATES for all the NWUK Modules are below


Saturday 23rd February – Milton Keynes

Saturday 6th April – York


Sunday 24th February – Milton Keynes

Gymstick Outdoors:-

Sunday 24th February – Milton Keynes

Ski Fit:-

Thursday 10th January – Milton Keynes

Trek Fit:-

Friday 11th January – Milton Keynes

Supporting Behaviour Change:-

Friday 15th March –
Milton Keynes

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