Christmas gifts for Nordic walkers!

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Christmas Gifts from Nordic Walking UKXmas Gifts for Nordic Walkers – our expert guide!

We know how difficult it is to choose a present for somebody when you may not fully understand the activity or hobby that interests them, so we’ve put together a simple guide to buying presents for the Nordic Walker in your family!

Read on to be inspired and to make sure you get it right…


Rule number one is NEVER buy fixed length poles for a somebody who has not yet tried Nordic Walking or has only recently started it. Choose ADJUSTABLE or for added quality go for EXTENDABLE poles.

The only time this would not apply is if they intend to travel a lot with their poles and in that case you may need to consider buying them some traveller or TELESCOPIC poles.

The leki 'shark' system allows for easy attachment to the pole

The leki ‘shark’ system allows for easy attachment to the pole

Your next decision will be on price and quality and these of course go hand in hand! The key components to look out for are the type of straps, adjustment mechanism and of course the material that makes up the pole shaft. In short, the more carbon content the better but these days there are some amazing non carbon poles on the market. When it comes to straps, there are two types of click in systems (how they are fixed to the pole) The Leki shark system (pictured) is a small loop between the thumb and forefinger whilst the plastic ‘trigger’ fixing is more widely found and in the case of Gabel poles really comfortable too. Pole handles vary too with cork being a popular choice. For people who want to use poles for stability and exercise but are perhaps not so keen on mastering full Nordic walking technique – the EXERSTRIDER strapless poles are always a great option too. If you are unsure – call the experts at Nordic Walking UK on 0333 1234 540 – we can talk you through the perfect gift and also get it sent to you in 24 hours! We have a no quibble returns policy if you get it wrong too!

ACCESSORIESsimi bike light

Nordic walkers need to be hands free so they carry their essentials in backpacks or waist bags but these need to be neat so as to not disrupt the lovely swinging arm movement. Our range ensure that BACKPACKS are nice and slim and waist bags come in variations according to how much people want to carry.  See

Other essentials are flexible soled waterproof SHOES, high viz GILETS and LIGHTS, special Nordic walking GLOVES and BAGS for carrying and storing Nordic walking poles.True Mountain neck warmer

Finally, a keen Nordic walker will want to know the full techniques so the NWUK BOOK is always a good bet along with stocking fillers such a TICK REMOVER CARDS and NECK WARMERS


To help you get it right…

We have put together a range of gifts that will suit everybody from the Nordic Walking enthusiast to an absolute beginner who fancies giving it a try.

So, don’t get stuck for ideas this Christmas, just browse our Nordic Walking inspired gift packs or simply select a voucher and let your loved ones choose for themselves!


xmas voucher book polesShow somebody you really care by giving them everything they need to take up Nordic walking. Combine our informative book with a NWUK ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course  with their nearest delivery partner instructor AND their own pair of Gabel Nordic walking poles. This course will ensure they master Nordic walking technique and get the results they want – it comes complete with the NWUK freedom card which provides a host of benefits and will enable them to join walks and events across the UK

Gift includes:-

  • Complete guide to Nordic Walking
  • a pair Gabel stretch Lite poles
  • A NWUK ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ course
  • NWUK Freedom card




xmas gift book and polesA thoughtful gift for somebody who fancies giving Nordic Walking a try – our easy to follow Complete Guide will help them to grasp the basics and help them get the most from their fully adjustable poles. A great gift for all levels.

Gift includes:-

  • The complete Guide to Nordic Walking
  • a Pair of Gabel Nordic walking poles




xmas gift gloves, light and waistpackNo Nordic walker would turn down this pack of goodies which will help them stay safe and comfortable during the winter months.The Gabel gloves fit snugly into any make of Nordic Walking straps and are padded in all the right places! The little flexible light will fix onto poles, backpacks and even clothing – choose red for back and white for the front! Complete the pack with a nifty little waist belt that keeps valuables, phone and keys close to hand and safe whilst out walking, it’s comfy too in soft flexible neoprene.




gift voucherIf you would rather let your loved ones choose their own gift options we can arrange everything from tuition with a local Instructor to a new career as an Instructor themselves!

Or maybe something smaller like a pair of poles or any of our clothing shoes and accessories?

We have £5.00, £10.00 and £50.00 options available on line but we are more than happy to do bespoke amounts and agree whether they can spend on courses or within the store – you choose!

The Vouchers are available on the gift packages page  – click HERE– or call us to build your perfect pressie! 0333 1234 540


If you are seeking some Nordic style stocking fillers, our Elves tell us that replacement paws, gloves, pad butlers and socks are the most popular items this year but who will be able to resist our special purple branded water bottles which come with the strapline ‘Turn a walk into a workout!’ and are only £6.95 – check out our full range of items from shoes to backpacks HERE

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