Darkness should be no barrier!

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Silva Mood shotCan you believe, it’s time to think about dark evenings again? With all this balmy weather about it’s easy to forget how chilly, dark and grim our evenings can be as the Autumn draws in but if you are not prepared…it can catch you out.

The nights draw in by 20 minutes each week so if you are not already, pretty soon you will be finishing your evening walks in the twilight. Don’t let this put you off from being active in the Winter because with a bit of planning its is possible to keep going all year round, even if you do work 9 – 5.

Our Instructors are now busy planning safer routes either where there is more light (Football pitches, street lights etc) or areas where headtorch walking is most suitable. i.e, not rugged woodland paths with roots and rabbit holes every few steps! It is obviously much safer to walk with a group because not only are you more visible but you can share the responsibilities of checking the path ahead and avoiding any obstacles. If you are a lone Nordic Walker, check out your local group and enjoy the fun of torchlight Nordic Walking which according to what we hear at HQ results in much hilarity and even regular sing songs in some cases! Instructor Jackie Reiss who runs walks in Wimbledon thinks the darkness masks all inhibitions and her group arrive each week with new verses to their songs!

There are also plenty of innovations that make night time walking safer and more comfortable. Here are our ‘must have’ items of Winter kit.

gabel pole lightsGABEL POLE LIGHTS

Unbelievable visibility – team these with a headtorch and high viz vest or jacket and there’s no fear of not being seen! These little lights fix onto your poles so they also light up the path ahead…genius!

For more info or to order click HERE




Be bright be seen! Yes we know they are not ‘Nordic purple’ but these high viz items are specially designed to get you noticed! They contain reflective strips as well as being super bright. The vests are new in and feature a mesh back to stop you from over heating if wearing over other garments. The Jackets only come in Men’s small, medium or large unfortunately but the vests come in all sizes   – Male and Female and are only £19.99 – Call us to order or click HERE

backpack coverGET THE HUMP!

Another innovation – if you wear a backpack – this is a MUST – Such a great way to protect yourself from traffic when walking or cycling. Especially as headtorches, pole lights etc. tend to make you visible to oncoming traffic only.

For more info or to order click HERE

Jogger headtorch

Jogger headtorch



and finally…………………. Headtorches – the one pictured is the ‘jogger’ but we stock a range which start from as little as £12.99 and our best sellers are the trendy little pink and black ‘Siju’.

For more info or to order click HERE

Finally – it’s also important to keep warm and you will be surprised at how much difference a good pair of gloves can make. The Gabel sport gloves (pictured) also gabel sport glovesinclude a reflective strip to help with visibility in dank dreary weather so are a great investment for any Nordic Walker.

The secret is to make sure that the gloves you choose are super warm but don’t restrict the movement of your hand or feel tight in your straps. Another thing for smart phone users is to choose those with ‘hot touch’ properties that will allow you to use your phone or other touch screen gadgets without getting cold fingers. Our favourites for this time of year are:-

eco gloves 2BAMBOO ‘Touch screen’ Eco gloves. These are a no brainer – so lightweight that they can scrunch up in your backpack or pocket  in case they are needed and when it is cold enough to pop them on….there’s no need to remove them in order to answer your phone etc. Really comfy and highly affordable at only £12.95 a pair too. gabel expert green

For style and comfort you can’t beat the Gabel Expert range – these specific Nordic Walking gloves oose with Italian Style and come in both green and grey. They are padded in all the right areas to protect the hands from any chafing and match the  need to stay warm with a wicking fabric that ensure the hands don’t get sweaty hot either!

For more information or to order any of the gloves click HERE

So all that remains for you to do is to …………… get out there, stay safe and be fit as a fiddle when the spring arrives!





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