Exerpoling – a new concept for Personal Trainers

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exerpoling gs tech harp web sizeMany PTs tell us they don’t want to teach full Nordic Walking technique but would like to use poles with their clients…now they can!exerpoling side hops group inc web size

Our NEW concept uses the amazing EXERSTRIDER poles which provide MAXIMUM results with a FAST LEARNING CURVE. No need to teach technique as the poles naturally lead the participant into a whole body workout which can be incorporated into H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) in the great outdoors.

This is not NORDIC WALKING and neither is it for those looking for a gentle workout! Packed with leaps, plyo lunges, bunny hops and resistance work (via bands and partners) – This is for the fitter individual who wants a fun, workout that gets results.exerpoling group pistons inc web size

Come and see our demo at the REPS conference in May – and be the first to offer this amazing concept  which is low cost, effective and can be delivered pretty much anywhere.

We challenge you to complete the Tabata session and then take part in our resistance band 20 second additional load and balance drills.exerpoling spring jumps group web size

Learn new skills and NEVER think of pole walking as only for those who want a gentle whole body workout again!

These pictures show our team perfecting the training module which will be a one day cpd session – delivered right across the UK

We have carefully selected portable, affordable equipment and all the drills can be used on a one to one basis or as a small group. They can be incoprated into an EXERSTRIDER walk or run or perfomed in one location.

exerpoling girls running close up web sizeThis flexible outdoor workout is fresh and an ideal way to capture those clients who find running a bore but want to be outside when the summer finally arrives!!exerpoling partner group logo 2 web size

We look forward to turning you into pole addicts!

Pre requisite – level 3 Personal Trainer.

For more information call Kaye on 0845 260 9339.


NOTE:- Current NWUK Instructors may prefer trek fit which uses strapped poles.

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