How Nordic Walking has changed my life…

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We get lots of calls and emails every week from people wanting to tell us how joining their local group has improved a medical condition or changed their outlook on life – here are a couple of stories we thought we would share with you….
juneh-200x247June Holden is 69 years young and has been a regular Nordic Walker with Core Concept (Instructor Sam Armstrong) for several years. She has always been an active sporty type and immediately became a keen regular with the group. Her natural outgoing personality and skills learned from a lifetime in business soon meant that she was training to be a walk leader and helping Sam with promotion and organisation.


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Last year, she mad a huge leap and set about taking her full Instructor qualification despite a busy home life and a few other pressures. June has studied hard to complete the NWUK Diploma which has included her level 2 fitness Instructor qualification and modules that cover everything from planning safe routes to social media. Our NWUK support team have been impressed with her dedication and positivity and were all delighted when the formal notification came through that she had passed with flying colours.

Her Instructor, Sam and the rest of the group (pictured above) are also very proud of June and she is now enjoying delivering her own tuition courses and pitching in with marketing and other duties to help the group to continue to grow. Martin Christie NWUK Tutor said –

“June is a great ambassador for Nordic Walking and proof that age is no barrier if you want to achieve something positive and put your heart and soul into it! – we love having her on board as she really is the best example of what Nordic Walking UK Instructors represent.”

A final word from June herself ….

“Anybody can take up Nordic walking at any stage and it’s extremely good for rehabilitation after hip or knee operations, or after a heart attack or stroke. It’s also great for boosting your confidence and as a form of stress relief, or perhaps if you’re overcoming bereavement as you tend to get caught up in the moment and lose yourself – it’s a wonderful feeling, and I’ve discovered so much beautiful countryside on my doorstep through Nordic walking.”


My Health has Improved and I feel a lot better – Angela’s story

“Three years ago I took up Nordic walking by accident.  I went to see my doctor about migraines and on the way out he asked me if I knew about Nordic Walking.  I looked it up and saw one of the things it helped with was posture/shoulder tension.  I signed up, did my learn to, got my poles and started walking.  I reported back to the doctor on my next visit.  He looked a bit puzzled.  He had just been wondering what Nordic walking was not recommending it.  Anyway, I continued.  I rarely miss a week.  I lost weight and it definitely lifted my depression.  I feel lots better now a days.  So much so that my doctor is now also Nordic walking.

I am with the Towcester group and we meet every Saturday and some evenings in the summer.  My partner has now also joined me.  and I have trained to be a volunteer leader.”


Nordic walking has given me back my confidence – Elaine’s story

“For several years I have had limited and worsening mobility due to having multiple sclerosis and little confidence to try exercise in any form, especially any involving a gym. I used to enjoy walking in the countryside but this was becoming very limited due to my worsening medical condition.

I came across a Nordic Walking course advertised by my local council as a Wellbeing initiative and after a bit of persuasion from friends I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did. Following four training sessions with very patient and understanding expert Nordic Walking tutors Kerley and Ted, and a little help from a MS physiotherapist and a small device that helps to raise one of my feet, I graduated which enabled me to join the main walking group.

Nordic Walking  has given me back confidence to walk in and enjoy the countryside once again and increased my self esteem. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet people and I look forward to the weekly group session. Everyone looks after and supports each other, and though I am usually the one trailing at the back or slowing people down on occasion with the odd steep step, I am never made to feel a nuisance or hindrance and we always have a laugh. A lovely group of people.

I still need a walking stick as an aid for normal daily walking but I can feel my fitness and strength increasing because of Nordic Walking, and I can once again experience and enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.”


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