I have lost 1.5 stone and feel years younger…………. Carol’s story

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I’ve done it all: the sweaty gym, humiliating aerobics classes (where I mostly end up on the wrong foot and facing the wrong way). So, when someone suggested Nordic Walking, I rolled my eyes and snorted pathetically into my cappuccino.

A year on, the reality has been a total revelation and I feel like a new person. I’m 1.5 st lighter (having struggled more and more with my weight). My whole body feels like it has loosened up, the threat of knee replacement has been lifted and I feel years younger. The best news for me is my top up medication for type II Diabetes had to be halved earlier in the year and now has been cut out altogether. Result!!!

I love it all: the sun, the rain, the wind on my face, it makes me feel completely alive and happy. I’m aware of all my senses. We are so incredibly lucky to live amongst the most beautiful scenery and every corner turned offers glimpses of elusive wildlife and stunning views. I am also blessed to share walking with a fabulous, caring, hilarious bunch. We’re a bit naughty, some are a bit competitive and we’re all very grateful to have found our waistlines and optimized our health whilst having the best fun. The sense of achievement is immense and laughter muscles ache more than anything else. What’s not to love?!

I have immense respect for Adele my Instructor. She is wonderful and ensures everyone is kept physically safe but challenged. Routes are checked and rechecked for an interesting variety of terrain and ‘appreciation’ points long before we meet. There’s advice on gear as well as fun, stress free ways to improve technique and maximize fitness levels. We’re all individuals with different stamina, different problems to address and different motivations. Adele manages all of us with the utmost professionalism and great, great humour.

If anyone is worried about getting fit, this is the most motivating and by far the easiest way I’ve found. An hour and a half a week is enough to bring major changes to health and happiness and I’m so pleased and relieved I gave it a go! A huge thank you for being amazing Adele, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Nordic Walking with you!

Carol K

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