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We are so proud of our Instructors and how tirelessley they go out and lead inspirational sessions for people across the UK and we are also grateful for the publicity many of them get because it spreads the word about how great Nordic Walking is

Occasionally though, the stories are really inspirational so we thought we would share these with two you



ALICE DENHAM – Brain aneurysm sufferer

10 months ago Alice was struggling to speak and had an erratic pulse and high pressure following a massive brain aneurysm. Now following a rehabilitation process that included Nordic Walking and the expert interventions of Charles Allen and his exercise referral team at East Coast Community healthcare ….. Alice is a Nordic Walking Instructor herself. Read her story and how Charles beleives that her exercise programme saved the NHS about 4,700 pounds   here :- Another Successful Rehab (1)

Alice is also doing a 110 mile charity walk back to the Hospital that gave her such good care with two other aneurysm sufferers and your support would be most welcome especially if you would like to join for a satge – see this link

MARK RICHARDSON – made redundant and struggled to find work so became an Instructor with NWUK

Mark hit the headlines because he failed to give in to being jobless and cycled around the UK with his CV on his T shirt. Now he is using that tenacity and his love of fitness and being outdoors in a really positive way. He re trained as an NWUK Instructor which is a vocational qualification and enabled him to gain funding from his local jobcentre. He has also become an NWUK delivery partner in order to hit the ground running (or walking at least!) and establish a business that will support his Family. Read his story here


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