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NWUK-Conference-2014-151We love innovation here at NWUK and anything that adds an new dimension to exercising outdoors is more than welcome.

Liana works on the back of her arms

Liana works on the back of her arms

We recently trialled BungyPump training poles from Sweden that contain 20 cm of built in suspension at our Conference in September. Mindful of the fact that Nordic Walking technique is based on ‘propulsion’ which would be negated with any form of suspension, we wanted to explore what elements they could bring to a workout walk. We were so impressed that we have worked with the team at BungyPump to create an instructor training course because we definitely think that for toning and fitness, they are very effective.

Bart form BungyPump UK shows Instructors how to add resistance to their walks

Bart form BungyPump UK shows Instructors how to add resistance to their walks

However, it’s important to not think that you can REPLACE Nordic walking poles or technique with BungyPump. As our Instructors found out, you would need to pretty fit to instantly do a 6 mile walk with them because every ‘plant’ is like a resistance or weight training exercise. What they are great for is toning exercises which makes them great for circuit or workout walks where the pole walking is interspersed with strength exercises. They are also a useful addition to home workout kit because they can be used indoors and out.  NWUK-Conference-2014-291

There are three different models with resistance between 4, 6 and 10 kilos. and with guided sessions they are guaranteed to help you gain a stronger body, greater calorie consumption and impressive toning.

BungyPump can be used for walking and/or running but are also perfect for creating a total multifunctional workout regime. here are some of the facts:-NWUK-Conference-2014-281

  • Up to 77% increased burning of calories compared with regular walking (dependent on technique and fitness level)
  • 90% of the body’s muscles are activated when using BungyPump
  • Adjustable length, suits everybody regardless of age, fitness and gender
  • Soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows – used in rehabilitation

If you fancy adding something new to your outdoor fitness regime, ask your local NWUK Instructor if they will be offering BungyPump workout classes in 2015 and if you fancy getting one for at home workouts, check them out on our website here


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