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The NWUK Competence card is being re branded as the NWUK FREEDOM card and we are delighted to announce that it will soon have a built in safety feature that will help both the holder and their Instructor or Leader.

The new card will come complete with a SAFETY 24 number which is part of a  National scheme that holds vital data accessible only by the Emergency services in case of an incident. Now every Competence card holder will be able to safely store details of their medical history, allergies & next of kin on a secure server which will mean far less paperwork & data protection issues for Instructors and peace of mind for everyone.

The process is simple:-

1. Client registers their unique number and adds details to the secure server

2. In the event of an incident the card number will help identify the person and if necessary, the 24 hour answer line will relay medical details, name of Doctor and next of kin to the emergency services.

3.The Safety 24 team will then make contact with the next of kin and liaise between them and the emergency services if required

NWUK intend to roll out the new cards later this year and will be introducing offers to current card holders via the newsletters. NWUK Instructors who do not issue the cards will be able to access the Safety 24 wristbands via the NWUK Instructor store and the public will be able to purchase them direct from the webstore (cost £7.50).

For more information about the bands or the FREEDOM card call 0845 260 9339



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