Nordic Walking changed my life! – Lynne’s story

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If you are still contemplating whether Nordic Walking is suitable for you. Read on to find out what it has done for Lynne ………………..

“I wanted to let you know how much Nordic walking has changed my life.

After being made a widow in 2011 I found the World a very strange place. Living on my own for the first time ever in my life was a complete blur and I am not sure what I did with my time but exercise was not on the menu. When I did get my head together it was tough.  I joined slimming world in Oct 14, I was overweight and started to lose some lbs each week which was good.

By June 2015 I had lost some weight but I felt I needed to help myself by trying to get fit.  I knew from the word go that a gym was not for me.  After trawling through the internet I found a national lottery Nordic walking course run by Michael Horton at the Lickey Hills. I joined up and completed the course and have my freedom passport.  This is a wonderful idea because it means  I can  join any NW group and as long as I show my passport I can walk with the group.

This is how I found Mercian Nordic Walking which is quite local to me in and around the Bromsgrove area. Ian, the Instructor, puts a range of walks and wellbeing classes on throughout the week and there is something for everyone at every level.  Walks are offered locally and further afield in what are described as “Away Days”.

I started to walk with Mercian Nordic Walking initially on the shortest and the easiest walks but as the time went on and with Ian’s help (and lots of practice) I was able to improve  my fitness and technique therefore increasing the  distances I could walk. More than just the walking there is a great group of people who also walk with Ian.

After a couple of  times they stopped being just people at the class and started to become friends who encouraged and supported not only me but others if and when needed.

We are a very social group always laughing  and a walk would not be a walk without either a cup of coffee or maybe something a little stronger at the  local pub. We are off on a turkey trot Christmas week followed by lunch at the Queens head.  I can’t wait.

My non walking friends are all noticing the  change in me.  I am a lot fitter, my body shape has changed not only with the help from Slimming world.  My posture and my breathing is improved, my energy levels have increased and I feel well.  Once again I am enjoying life.

It has been such a change to be out and about in our lovely country side, exploring canal towpaths,  wooded walks across fields and down lanes.  There have been a few muddy puddles which for me became a re-run of the Vicar of Dibley sketch when Dawn French fell next deep in a puddle (photo on Mercian’s Facebook Page)you just had to be there for that one!!!! I will say Ian was very supportive.(once he had stopped  laughing!!!!!!!!)

For the price of a pair of poles and a pair of trainers I  have a great hobby that has got me fit and  will keep me fit for life. I love being out and about.  I walk at least twice a week and have made some really good NW friends and I am so glad I took that first step and went on the course.

I am looking forward to Healthy and happy 2016


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