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Our Instructors are therefore required to  also study anatomy, physiology and the principles of fitness which enables them to not ONLY teach the Nordic Walking technique but to fully understand how to match it to the fitness level of the participants in their class.


By completing this process, our Instructors gain a CYQ level 2 Qualification – the first in the UK that is based purely on walking & fitness walking ( and recognised by the Register of Exercise professionals REPs). This qualification was actually created by our Education team and is now widely recognised as THE standard of delivery required worldwide.The additional knowledge means those trained by us can use Nordic Walking technique to prescribe exercise to people of all fitness levels and safely ensure they continue to progress.

Having that base of knowledge means they can often understand the physiological reason somebody may not be able to grasp Nordic Walking technique and adapt their teaching accordingly.They also have empathy with those who may be new to exercise as well as those who are active and want to work at a higher intensity.

The reason we insist on this level of training is simple ….NORDIC WALKING USES 90% OF THE MAJOR MUSCLES AND IS SIMILAR TO BEING ON A CROSSTRAINING MACHINE IN THE GYM. Would you feel comfortable if somebody with no relevent training put you on to a crosstraining machine in a gym and  supervised your exercise programme?

Many of our Instructors also have extensive expertise in other areas – many are Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors, Personal trainers, Rehabilitation/Exercise specialists, Nurses, Ski coaches, Mountain Leaders and even GPs.

They are trained to plan routes, lead and manage groups safely, teach effective walking gait & nordic walking technique, correct faults and to ensure every client is getting the most from every walk!

The NWUK academy also offers them a range of specialist courses from Wellbeing & Ski fit to Children’s fitness & Weight management.

All in all – if you want to know How to Nordic walk for fitness or fun you will know you’re in safe hands with a Nordic Walking UK Instructor.

For more information about Instructor training for those without current fitness qualifications click here CYQ instructor training info

For more information about training for current fitness professionals click here Fitness qualified Instructor training info

To find your local QUALIFIED Nordic walking UK Instructor click here



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