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The NWUK Ultimate Nordic circuit concept is simple…… its for those who love nordic Walking and want a tougher workout AND for the people out there who (foolishly) think that Nordic Walking is not a tough enough workout for them in the first place.

NWUK Instructors are taught to deliver 3 main elements when they attend the ULTIMATE NORDIC INSTRUCTOR MODULES

1. Advanced Nordic Walking technique

2. SKI FITness drills and coaching principles

3. TREK FIT – a totally new concept that uses expedition training to create a tough moving circuit.

The first two elements are included in the SKI FIT workshop whilst TREK FIT has a one day module all to itself!

The NWUK Tutor team are also working on a SPORTS SPECIFIC module which will be launched in 2013.

All the programmes come with lesson plans, manuals, resources and branded

Icons on listing indicate the Instructor delivers NWUK programmes

marketing materials – Instructors who deliver the concepts and stay up to date with the latest drills can be identified by the additional ICON* on the NWUK website which indicates they are trained to deliver the branded concept.

This six week ski fitness programme was designed by a top performance and snow sports coach who has a unique understanding of the elements of fitness required for downhill , cross country & telemark skiing as well as snowboarding.
Designed to be delivered as a SIX WEEK PROGRESSIVE programme that builds up in intensity and really prepares people for the slopes.
The drills incorporate the use of Nordic walking poles and focus on building the

balance transfer drills


  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Weight transfer
  • Flexibility

It really is the ULTIMATE outdoor way to ensure the body is ready to cope with the demands of skiing and to have the energy & fitness levels to make the most of every second.

Instructors can promote the course as a stand alone or incorporate the drills into regular ULTIMATE NORDIC CLASSES & they have access to branded marketing materials & logos

The Instructor training is ONE DAY (9.30 – 5)  of tough practical teaching and incorporates ADVANCED NORDIC WALKING TECHNIQUE DRILLS

COST:- £125 to include drill cards and licence to deliver the branded concept (annual renewal fee of £69 applies)

Delivery partners pay only £49.00 for the training & no additional licence fee.


On the move - the class carry and drag any kit that's used

Totally unique and the most exciting outdoor workout ever! Forget boring bootcamps or military style drills. This concept developed by NWUK is fast paced, challenging and constantly changing. Designed to mirror the fitness training required to prepare for expeditions and treks, this class keeps the group ON THE MOVE at all times.

The group works together to carry the load and make bids to reach summits, cover

Martial Art style 'fighting' drill

‘treacherous’ terrain and call upon every ounce of stamina, strength and sheer determination to complete the session.

The class incorporates a mix of circuit style drills using bands, poles and the landscape which are guaranteed to build fitness levels quickly. Great for those looking to complete a charity trek or simply looking for a lively outdoor workout that never gets boring.

The Instructor training is ONE DAY (10 – 4)  of tough practical teaching and includes a manual and set of drill cards

COST:- Only available to NWUK delivery partners this course is £49 to attend but Instructors are reminded that they will need to purchase the required kit in order to


deliver the branded concept correctly. It is not possible to simply incorporate the moves into regular classes. NB: the £49 will be credited towards the purchase of any kit packs made.

The kit pack is produced by NWUK at COST and includes the necessary harnesses, branded bibs, tyre bolts, bands and even an optional sled (or pulk)

*Note – Icons only show if Instructors choose to have enhanced listing on NWUK website or are NWUK delivery partners.


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