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chamonixAs the weather finally gets warmer and the holiday season gets into full swing, it’s time to pick up your poles and explore further afield. The big question though is:-

What to take with you and how to carry it comfortably!

We decided to try out a range of bags and backpacks to see how they shaped up for holiday use and day walks. In warmer weather you can get away with carrying a little less clothing although we would always advise that you carry an extra layer on a longer walk just in case you need to stop for any reason or the weather takes a turn for the worse. A windproof, waterproof shell jacket that scrumples up is ideal.

We set out the kit we thought we would need to take for a short summer walk and a day walk and opted for the following bags to test first

Deuter futura1. DAY WALK – The Deuter Futura 22 litre backpack was our choice for a longer walk because it is lightweight and the mesh back panels keep the pack away from the back – great for hotter weather as air can circulate and keep the back from getting ‘sticky’.

We thought the pack would be about the right size to carry the following:-

Lunch and drink in a flask, water, camera, lightweight jacket & gilet, small first aid kit, map, sunscreen, hat and even a small mat to sit on!

If you want to go walking for more than a couple of hours at a time whilst on holiday, this bag would be ideal as it can also be used for travelling and will fit in the hold.

It all fitted in beautifully and we had plenty of space left too. Although it wasn’t a hot day, the lovely cool feeling on our backs was welcome and we had to admit it was supremely comfortable, even after a good couple of hours of nordic walking. This particular model is actually designed to fit well on a female body but there is a male version too and to be honest, we could not fault it. You can find this bag in our store by clicking here

For a shorter walk we tested the Deuter Speedlite 15 litre which is lightweight and nice and narrow – ideal for the nordic walking arm swing.deuter-speed-lite-15-litre-rucksack

It has really comfy straps, including small ones for the chest and waist to stop any bouncing.We especially liked the neat little top pocket where we could stash the phone, keys and money for easy access. With two mesh drink bottles panels on the outside there would be no need to get thirsty but for those who prefer to use a hydration ‘bladder’ (click here if you have no idea what we are talking about!) it has a pocket for that too.

We recommend this bag to our Instructors because you really don’t know you have it on and our tests proved that it was perfect for a shorter walk where you simply need the essentials. We carried a lightweight jacket, water, keys, phone, sunglasses,small first aid kit & a printed copy of our route. It’s neat and compact and an all round functional little pack that would also be a great carry on bag for a flight because the top pocket would keep the passport and essential close to hand.


If you are travelling abroad, remember to keep your passport and money with you at all times unless you are sure it is safe to leave in your accomodation. Something like a money belt or security holster can make all the difference. Money belt

We went nordic walking with our cash in the travel money belt pictured, just to see if it irritated or felt sweaty and to be honest, we forgot we were actualy wearing it! – Both items are now available in our store – click here for more information.

deuter pulse 1Finally, if you dont want to carry much at all, hate backpacks or want a little pack to take on holiday and use for your daily exercise…look no further than the Deuter pulse 1 hip pack. Absolutely brilliant for taking water, phone, keys and an energy bar and really does give you the freedom of having nothing on your back. We tested this on a fairly hot day (trust us we did have one in Dorset) and it felt cool and sat really well around the waist. Despite having a full bottle in, it did not feel too bouncy at all so for only £14.99 we think it’s a must have for summer. You can find this item on our webstore by clicking here

Above all, if you are planning on taking your poles abroad with you, don’t forget to invest in a pole case or bag to protect them. You can see the whole range of bags by clicking here

Now all you have to do is pack up your troubles and pick up those poles…..enjoy!









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