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You may have already seen the TV ads that signal the start of the latest Government campaign aimed at getting people to live more healthily.With the most exciting summer of sport fast-approaching, Change4Life is calling upon the nation to get inspired and get active with the launch of Games4Life. The campaign will see millions of families across England receiving personalised activity plans, full of tips and ideas on getting up, about and having fun through the summer of 2012 and beyond.

Games4Life is using the OLYMPIC season to encourage people to become more active and is set to become a message that is seen all over the UK in the next few weeks. It’s a simple campaign that encourgages peole to complete the questionaire and then receive FREE personailised advice.

As NWUK Instructors you can play your part too – NWUK have been working with the Games4Life campaign team to ensure that NORDIC WALKING is at the forefront of the activities on offer and FREE TASTERS with our participating Instructors will be on offer on the Games4Life website & promoted via the activity packs. So, if you want to benefit from millions of pounds worth of FREE advertising, make sure you are ready to take part too.

The message of the campaign to the public is:-

  •  Make this summer the time you and your family get up and get going
  • For your own free summer activity plan fill out a Games4Life activity check questionnaire
  • Children aged 2-5 should have 180 active minutes a day, 5-18 year olds should
    get 60 active minutes a day and adults 150 active minutes a week
  • Search Games4Life online for more details

NWUK will be helping to distribute the activity packs and will also be promoting FREE Tasters as part of the process. Here’s how you can help.

1. Tick the campaign box on your NWUK profile page (remember you need to log in to do this)

2.Ensure that you schedule some group Taster sessions throughout the coming 8 weeks

3. Ensure your contact details on our website are up to date

4. When people make contact, let them know the available dates and ALWAYS book them in to the Taster session

5. Following the Taster, make sure you have plenty of information ready that explains how they can sign up to Learn to Nordic Walk (Maybe have an offer?) and join in regular sessions with you in the future.

6. You may also want to promote the activity packs to people in your area (remember this is for those that are not already active rather than your walkers)

7. Please do NOT reproduce the Games 4 Life logo as there are strict guidelines for its use.

You can find the
questionnaire on the Change4Life website here.

It’s also available via mobile and on Facebook.

Let’s make this a great summer for Nordic Walking!

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