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If you love Nordic Walking and being outdoors why not upskill yourself with one of our new courses? We now hold workshops across the UK for those looking to set up Nordic walking groups in their locality and some inspirational outdoor first aid courses designed especially for Nordic Walkers.


If you are finding it hard to find any nordic walking in your area and think it might work for your community, you can now come along to find out more from the experts. NWUK will be running workshops across the UK where you can take part in a TASTER SESSION and learn from successful groups and Instructors how you can help others to get fit in the great outdoors. Whether you are retired and fancy being involved for a couple of hours a week, looking to volunteer as part of a community project or maybe looking for a full time income following redundancy….we can help you to develop a programme that works!

This 4 hour workshop includes a NORDIC WALKING TASTER SESSION and a ‘discovery’ workshop which explores how nordic walking can be set up in Villages, Workplaces and the Community. From potential funding to business and marketing skills our team can help to guide you. Be part of the biggest outdoor activity revolution – call us today on 0845 260 9339 or e mail to register your interest.

OUTDOOR (or Wilderness) FIRST AID

Would you know how to deal with a typical injury or incident that could occur when out nordic walking? Our Instructors are all fully trained to deal with most instances but what if you venture out alone or with friends and family?

Many locations can present challenges to how things are handled and how quickly the Emergency services could reach any casualty. Thats why our bespoke firts Aid courses are ideal for anyone who enjoys being active in the great Outdoors. Find out more

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