Stay safe and upright this winter!

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TOP TIP 1 – Stay Warm

It sounds obvious but getting cold is not only unpleasant, it can be dangerous too. Our ability to make decisions is greatly impaired if we get chilled and the risk of incidents or the ability to cope if one does occur is greatly increased.

Make sure you layer up and ALWAYS take a spare layer or at least a FOIL BLANKET out in severe weather

TOP TIP 2 – Be Seen

Although NWUK Purple can be seen in all conditions, be aware that white clothing will make you invisible in snowy or grey conditions and dark colours are not great in fog or if the light is poor. A lightweight hi Viz Gilet can be popped over your usual clothing and is super light. Pop one in your backpack to make sure you can be seen and perhaps even found in the case of an incident. This GILET is less than HALF price so snap one up FAST!

Pole lights, head torches and even flashing paws can also help you to be seen in poor conditions so make sure you have at least one in your backpack. Our Winter safe

TOP TIP 3 Stay upright!

We don’t advise that you Nordic Walk on icy pavements but you can Nordic Walk in soft snow as long as you check it’s not icy underneath and stick to grassy areas rather than harder surfaces. We love MERRELL shoes here at NWUK because they have Vibram soles which are great in slippy conditions and super comfy too. We also use Ice cleats or additional grips in the snow – try the HALF PRICE  ARTIMATE SNOW GRIPS.

TOP TIP 4 Keep feet and fingers dry!

Its always an idea to have shoes that are waterproof to stop you getting wet feet which will chill down very quickly and cause the rest of you to do likewise. An alternative option would be to use WATERPROOF SOCKS which are actually more comfortable than you would imagine and really do work! Sealskinz also do a range of waterproof gloves which make a huge difference in icy rain – much better than soggy wool which just makes your digits turn blue!

Our Purple warmer pack contains a Life Venture hot drinks flask

TOP TIP 5 – Carry a hot drink!

No, not a huge great Thermos but a small thermal leak-proof drinks carrier that is no bigger than a water bottle! We are bonkers about these little life venture drinks flasks here at HQ and that’s not just because they are purple (although that helps!). Just using hot water and a herbal teabag rather than your water can make all the difference when temperatures drop. It will encourage you to rehydrate and keep your core temperature up at the same time. Not to mention the caffeine boost if coffee is your tipple!

So no excuses chaps – keep Nordic Walking whatever the weather!


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