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Obesity and ill health are on the rise and our ageing population is growing – the cost to the nation of the drugs and care required to deal with this are astronimical but we CAN help a lot of people to avoid falling into this trap if we simply MAKE EXERCISE APPEALLING!

Simple physical activity sessions can prevent the need for drugs in many cases but how do we encourage those who need it most to join in? It’s not that easy………….often they have an inherrant dislike for sport/activity and their confidence is low – add to that the complications presented by their medical conditions and you get a cocktail of reasons why exercise has never worked for them before

So, how can we make a difference? It’s simple, Nordic Walking can be taken to those who need it most but here’s the important part…. the skill of the instructor is the key to whether or not 80% of the population will actually come to your classes and change their lifestyle for good.

A few simple changes to how you promote yourself and how you speak to and support people can make a world of difference. Now NWUK have developed a unique one day course that will help walking professionals to understand how people feel, what their barriers to change are and most importantly, how you can help them make positive changes.


One day programme                                                                   Tutor Robin Gargrave

  • Barriers to change
  • Motivation theory
  • Motivational interviewing skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Supporting behaviour change

The course will be tutored by Robin Gargrave who was a headline speaker at the NWUK Making Walking work conference and has over 25 years experience in delivering effective fitness & wellbeing concepts. A previous Director of programmes for Central YMCA Fitness and keynote fitness Industry expert, Robin will inspire you and change the way you dleiver activity programmes….for good!

The skills gained from this course will ensure you attract more people to your classes and establish yourself as an Instructor (or project )who wants to make a difference to their community. NWUK are committed to developing a network of Instructors who can be relied on to help us get the nation more active and this course will make a world of difference.

Pre requisites:-

The course is open to all qualified Fitness professionals & Nordic Walking Instructors(level 2 minimum)

Location Milton Keynes

Date 21st June 2013

REPS cpd points

Call Kaye on 0845 260 9339 to find out more,


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