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If you are not yet a member of the Register of Fitness professionals, here’s your chance to get on board and enjoy the benefits.

REPS is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of health enhancing Instructors in the UK, they provide a system of regulation for Instructors to ensure they meet the Industry’s agreed National occupational standards.

The NWUK CYQ Qualification is the only Nordic Walking qualification accepted as entry to the Register so make sure you join it now so you can use the REPs badge to reassure clients that you are formally qualified.

Membership of REPs provides assurance and confidence to consumers, employers and health professions that registered exercise professionals are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform specific roles. Members are acknowledged for their professionalism, their adherence to the industry’s nationally recognised standards and their ongoing education.

For more information about the benefits of Membership and how to join click here:

TO JOIN  – simply call Laura or e mail her on and she will send you the entry form.

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